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Some Basic of SEO Techniques

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

If SEO is important, then maybe you'll start looking for a variety of basic SEO techniques to be applied to your blog. Many articles can tell you about it, including about why people care about SEO. But I suggest you to not expect to get the real SEO techniques lessons for free. Well, most of the SEO tips article is a repetition of the other tips.

But maybe you can develop your own SEO techniques. As I also tried to find the simple logic of the SEO. For me, who also was ljust earning SEO, like you, there are three basic things that build that logic. Logic that can be built with little understanding about the Search Engine work, in this case Google.

1. Keyword
As already discussed, if an Internet user looking for articles about a certain topic they will type some keywords that relate to the topic in the search box. Therefore, keywords play an important role in how search engines work. Placing keywords effectively is an important thing that have done to a blog or website. Keyword, for example, it is important to be placing in the url, the title and description of blogs, the title of the article and also the contents of the blog articles.

2. Templates
The Search engines crawling system will be applied to any sites or blogs to collect relevant information of any blogs. The Search Engines then would store the information in their data systems. Every blog, will be read as text, including all of HTML code that is compiled. Therefore, SEO friendly templates are usually interpreted as a template which facilitates the process of search engine crawling. One thing that certainly important, is to minimize the HTML errors of the blog template.

3. Backlink
The Backlinks to any blog will increase the probability of the presence of that blog on SERP pages, especially, if the backlinks come from a blogs directory that contains the information of the blog. It is similarly, if the backlinks is coming from the blog directory or blog with a high PageRank. The possibility to do some SEO techniques to a blog will be greater, because the Search Engines will consider its blogs as a more accurate reference of a specific keyword.

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3 ways to get free backlink

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Of course we all expecting can collect a lot of backlinks for our blog. The goal, of course, can be vary. Two of them are improving the PageRank of your blog and also for SEO purposes. Many ways can be done to get backlinks, for example by buying links from blogs with high pagerank or buy link ads for your blog. But actually, there are some ways to get free backlinks. Here are three of them:

1. Sign up to the various blogs Directory
This method does require a little effort and time. But if you do it patiently, this way will show significant results. If its possible, try to prioritize Blog Directories with high pagerank. Dmoz, Tehnoraty and Blog Catalog are three of the blog directory that most known as the best. But, it never hurts to keep using the other blog directory, as much as possible.

2. Link Exchange

This traditional way also should not be abandoned. Remains to always
offer link exchanges with other blogs. Of course, it is better if the blog that is encourage to exchanging blog links having the same topic with your blog. Also would be better if you get backlinks from blogs that has a higher PageRank than your blog. But dont be too faithful to this rule. There is a good idea to continue to accept link exchanges from each blog.

3. Commenting On "Do Follow" Blogs

This last way is now a popular as well. Some of the blogs owner who want a lots of comments on their blog, then removing the "no Follow" tag from their blogs template so the blog become a blog that is known as the "Do Follow" blog . In this way, the url of commentator on the comments form will be followed by search engines as a link. Of course, if the commentators fill his identity by using their URL correctly.

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The Alexa Rank and Blog Traffic

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Besides the PageRank, Alexa Rank or Alexa Traffic Rank is another topic that is always discussed in the bloggers and webmasters discussions. In contrast to the PageRank that is determined by the amount and quality of backlinks, Alexa Rank is calculated based on the number of visits to a website or blog. Alexa ranking, also counted the number of pages viewed on a visit to your blog or site. So, it can be said that Alexa Rank is about the blog traffic.

For some web or blog owners who dont make their website or blog to earn money on the internet, sometimes Alexa Rank is not too calculated. But for those who aim contrary, Alexa Rank will be very influential. It's easy to understand, because many affiliate programs use the Alexa Rank as a measure to approve a blog or website.

In contrast to the PageRank rates system, Alexa Rank uses the order of the most visited sites with the number 1 leading to fewer visited sites with numbering could reach 20 millions. Can be expected, that Google was the highest site on the system of Alexa Rank, which is number one. While yahoo in the second position, followed by youtube (4), MSN (6), (8), and (28).

While the other blogs and websites will race to have a smaller number of the Alexa Rank . Usually, the numbers below 1 million are the first goal. After that, the numbers under 500 thousand. And if a blog or site has a number of Alexa Rank under 100 thousand, then the blog or website has become popular enough. Various promotional efforts will be made to reach it. The lower number of the Alexa Rank that owned by a blog or site, will makes the adverstisers interested to advertisements their product on its blogs.

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The Backlinks and its relation to SEO

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

It is clear that Backlinks is one of the important things in the effort to improve PageRank. But not only that, Backlink also important in Search Engine Optimization efforts. Which has been discussed the relationship between SEO and the Internet users, most of the Internet users are trust search engines result page (SERP) as the best reference for the topic that they are looking for.

The most common mechanism used to search a topic on search engines is to type keywords that related to the topic. Furthermore, the SERP will show the search results list, that sort the sites that are considered most relevant by the search engines (at least, the Google searching robot). This is SEO associated with Backlink, namely that the backlinks contain keywords and its will also influence the relevance assessment of a website or a blog by the search engines.

The backlink or linkback are links, which its can be a url or an anchor text, which if clicked will bring the visitors to a website. According to the webmasters, the best techniques of writing good backlinks is by using the text implies. That is, backlinks should identical with the content of a site or blog that its represented. Therefore, a backlink should not be an URL or anchor text that is difficult to understand.

For example, if a site or blog has a title and content about SEO Review, then a good backlink is that using the word "SEO Reviews". This is, not only can be represented by a URL, for example:, but also by the anchor text: SEO Review. Thus, url and anchor text that serves as a backlink to your blog or site is contains keywords that you are targeting. In that way, the backlinks that you gain will be more search engine friendly, and by itself certainly can also support SEO for your blog.

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The Page Rank and The Link Popularity

Monday, 17 August 2009

PageRank or Google PageRank, is one thing that will always be interesting topic in conversations about the web and blogs. Whether for business interests, the interests of knowledge or only for pride, almost every blogger will have a dream to make their blog with of a better PageRank. It's ‘better’ here, means a rate approaching 10, as the highest value of PageRank.

Many answers have been given by the webmasters is trying to describe the PageRank and its function. If observed carefully, we will find that PageRank is closely linked to the Search Engine names Google. Google PageRank is a way to give ratings to sites and blogs based on the least of its important level.

Thus, the higher PageRank that figure a blog showing that Google considers your site or blog is more important than others. The significant level of a blog or site will be determined by the number of backlinks that is owned by that blog. Link is a mechanism that connects an Internet page with other pages.

If the relationship is going from a website or blog with other blogs, then its usually known as a backlink, which is sometimes referred too as links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links. Because of that, it can be said that PageRank is determined by the number of backlinks pointing to a blog or site. Backlink, is considered by Google as a form of reference. If a blog give a backlinks to the other blogs, that means the second blog have become a reference of the first, and therefore more important.

Google considers that the backlinks number of site or blog shows its credible. It shows that while this blog are trusted and known. This condition, often referred as the link popularity. However, the number of backlinks have not become a guarantee that the PageRank your blog or website will increase automatically. In addition to its quantity, the quality of backlinks will also determine. A backlink from some blogs that have the same topic, will be considered more important. More better, if the backlinks is coming to your site or blog from another blog with a better PageRank.

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