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Some Basic of SEO Techniques

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

If SEO is important, then maybe you'll start looking for a variety of basic SEO techniques to be applied to your blog. Many articles can tell you about it, including about why people care about SEO. But I suggest you to not expect to get the real SEO techniques lessons for free. Well, most of the SEO tips article is a repetition of the other tips.

But maybe you can develop your own SEO techniques. As I also tried to find the simple logic of the SEO. For me, who also was ljust earning SEO, like you, there are three basic things that build that logic. Logic that can be built with little understanding about the Search Engine work, in this case Google.

1. Keyword
As already discussed, if an Internet user looking for articles about a certain topic they will type some keywords that relate to the topic in the search box. Therefore, keywords play an important role in how search engines work. Placing keywords effectively is an important thing that have done to a blog or website. Keyword, for example, it is important to be placing in the url, the title and description of blogs, the title of the article and also the contents of the blog articles.

2. Templates
The Search engines crawling system will be applied to any sites or blogs to collect relevant information of any blogs. The Search Engines then would store the information in their data systems. Every blog, will be read as text, including all of HTML code that is compiled. Therefore, SEO friendly templates are usually interpreted as a template which facilitates the process of search engine crawling. One thing that certainly important, is to minimize the HTML errors of the blog template.

3. Backlink
The Backlinks to any blog will increase the probability of the presence of that blog on SERP pages, especially, if the backlinks come from a blogs directory that contains the information of the blog. It is similarly, if the backlinks is coming from the blog directory or blog with a high PageRank. The possibility to do some SEO techniques to a blog will be greater, because the Search Engines will consider its blogs as a more accurate reference of a specific keyword.

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